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The chess game continues!

In what I though was the setting up of a Stephen Bradbury moment for Sarah yesterday, Mike and Kristoff proceeded to smash each other with blunt instrument and pushed even harder than they had already been doing for the past 12 days. For those unaware of Stephen Bradbury, he is best known for winning the 1,000 m event at the 2002 Winter Olympics after all of his opponents were involved in a last corner pile-up. He was the first Australian to win a Winter Olympic gold medal.

Sarah had been sitting 100-150 km off Mike for days matching his efforts. I thought yesterday's relentless attacks in the mountains by the front runners might break the two. Today has show the calibre and experience of these two as they continue to push each other. The showdown downunder has been incredible to witness and i would like to say it's not over yet. Kristoff has served up a convincing Check move today, but has he pushed too hard? The next 24 hour will tell!

Meanwhile down the back of the field the drama is still being played out as Christie battles a bent rim in rather unfortunate circumstances. She has done a stellar job for someone who has never trued a wheel before, who would have thought hair ties and a toothbrush could make a truing stand!!!

Bravo Christie, can't wait to cheer you on when you come through Melbourne!

With a long string of riders now stretched out across South Australia and Victoria the chess game is far from over for most, so let's keep cheering them on as they push their own personal goals!

One guy i'm incredibly stoked for is my mate Ben. After witnessing the retirement of one of his best mates in an unfortunate accident involving a car, he has decided to press on. This speaks wonders for your courage and determination, sorry if I kiss you in a moment of weakness when you get to Melbourne :) And for the fans at home the PC survey still has its moment to shine!

Rhyno and Eages have had a hard day at the office as have anyone heading South out of SA towards the Vic border. Jan Willem Bobbink has been at it again and seems to be winning the gourmet challenge among the racers with a 5 star serving on the Great Ocean road today!

Mike Sheldrake tried to one up him with a super serving of McDonald's fit for a large family but I think Jan wins on a technicality having licked the decorating sauce from the plate *unverified fact

Jackie got a raucous reception from friends in Melbourne as she rolled through and what can only be described as a testament to her super human strength she might have tore a wee hole in her tent the other night attempting to launch herself and bike over the Aussie Alps.

Good luck in the race to the finish dot watchers, my we pray the withdrawals are kind and gentle as the leaders approach the finish. Just remember there are many others still out there to stalk.

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