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The Belgian freight train rolls into Melbourne

I rolled down Moonee Ponds creek this morning in the hope of catching a Kristof. Everything went to plan and he rolled through Docklands soon after I arrived. He had a solid peleton of people wanting to catch a glimpse of the peadlling machine, it truly was incredible with office workers cheering him from Docklands all the way to Fed square and then others yelling from Bridges as we rolled up the Yarra. It's been very windy for his push to Melbourne so he looked a little tired but once on the Yarra seemed happy for the occasional tailwind and a bit of company.

Coming in to Melbourne on Footscray rd.

A long line of fans chasing Kristoff up the Yarra (sorry for the blurry, photo taken @40km/h)

Spot the Belgian. Coming under Chapel street South Yarra.

Getting ready for a Yarra Boulie session.

Melbourne city in the background, but Kristof looked a bit more focused on getting the job done than hanging around to see the sights!

With Sarah due in her hometown around 9pm expect a big party on the Boulevard!

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