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Hey South Australia, turn your fans down!

It looks like it's been a tough day out there for the racers. In what I will make a brief segway into alternative facts, it appears the South Australian government's new found love for renewable energy has seriously affected the Indy Pac peleton. All day the Power generating fans have been blowing the riders to a crawl! I've received numerous correspondence from riders about the brutal headwinds including this beauty from Gareth Pellas:

Even Kristof Allegaert seemed a little concerned with the day ahead when interviewed in Penong last night.

Others seem locked into the Matrix that is the Nullarbor where days start to blend into one another. Eoin captured quite the sunrise this morning! Eoin works at Good cycles a social enterprise bike shop in Melbourne which is on the race route as riders pass through the downtown area next week sometime.

Mike Hall seems to be getting acquainted with the delights of SA tourism. Hold your breath Mike, just wait until you discover the Kimba Galah and the big lobster in Kingston.

Jan Willem Bobbink finally found some healthy eating over the SA border in the hope of improving his Strava times. Judging from the data, it only goes to show how much today was a sufferfest!

Meanwhile Ryan Flinn might have slipped into tourist mode with the purchase of a mascot. However maybe he's hoping it helps him fly like an eagle, he certainly put in a solid effort overnight to move up the field

For Nick it was time to get religious and consult his Bible and then of course demolish a sandwich or 10.

I feel for the riders in today conditions, a few years ago I rode solo down the Finke and Oodnadatta tracks into a block headwind for 7 days straight, it was both soul crushing and character building.

My advice to the riders, just keep going it only get easier!

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