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Day Four-The Trans Nullarbor express

On day four we see the field strung out from Norseman to Ceduna a distance of 1200km. It's kind of like this Kraftwerk song but downunder. Play the song while you are reading and hum along, music plays a big part in keeping everybody sane out there. You will notice from lots of the photo's riders are wearing headphones. Kristoff rolled into Penong with earbud in, Jackie joked about the scenes in Rocky where Eye of the Tiger is playing and had a sing along with the film crew. Christie was getting into a bit of Thin Lizzy as the road trains rolled past and Rhyno I imagine is out there singing to himself without a care in the world! Music can lift you out of the depths when everything hurts and you want to go to bed! Just don't get that song you don't like stuck in your head!

Whilst Sarah climbs up the ranks today she can be safe in the knowledge that Flex her 'Dinosaur on Roller Skates' is safe in the hands of Melbourne's biggest cycling fan, Wendysuperfan. You're a superstar Wendy and part of the massive behind the scenes crew making this event happen for the racers!

Christie Hamilton has just morphed into an elite endurance bikepacker shedding a few kilos at the local post office after deciding she brought too much stuff she didn't need.

Nick Skarajew continues his annihilation of roadhouse food and is part of a very large contingent that is resting at Balladonia roadhouse.

For the racers reaching Madura roadhouse on day four they were blessed with a brief downhill of 100 vm. Yeah doesn't look like much but i'm sure was a welcome relief

The Indypac PC survey continued on it's merry way east but yet again it seems WA has let them down. Let's hope to luck gets better in SA.

In the race for most popular instagram photo posted by an indypac racer Gareth Pellas seems to be miles out on front with this beauty after crossing the 90 mile straight! Good job Gareth keep em coming!

Yesterday I was a guest on local Melbourne station 3CR's program YarraBUG radio show to talk about how the race was progressing, click here for the link. The Indy Pac highlights start from about 11 mins. Also Sarah and Jesse went on the show a few months back to talk about the race and it is a good listen now that the race has begun, click here for the link.

See you all tomorrow dot watchers!

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