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Hot Hot Hot!

No i'm not talking about the pace up front, although it is, but rather conditions for the mid fielders as conditions hit 35 in the shade over most of central South Australia!

Andy Buchs from Switzerland was finding it a little hot on the Eyre peninsula, whilst Nick Skarajew got his water resupply a little wrong and was gifted a fill up from some trail angels!

Ben seems to be cleaning out service stations in the mid north as he heads toward Adelaide.

Ryan Flinn seems to have found his rhythm and someone to talk to. His handlebar friend and super coach eagle seems to be giving him the boost he needs as he reels in the mid field.

In the heat of yesterday Jackie decided the cool relief of a laundromat floor was the best place in the world to chill out

Jan Willem destroyed another eating establishment whilst the great guys at treadly gave his bike a quick tune up. That's sure to help his strava times up Greenhill road!

Mike 'Shell' Sheldrake called into Treadly in true English fashion 'for a quick cuppa'

On Monday morning as Kristof rolls into Melbourne he is being greeted by a solid hot northerly but with a cool change coming, thing could play in favour of his two chasers. Anyhow enough from me I gotta go chase a Belgian!

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