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The Indypacpcsurvey draws first blood!

With the front runners blasting through Adelaide it's finally time for some of you dot stalkers to get your fix and actually stalk the competitors IRL!. Here'sa few highlights!

Kai Edal got a bit of attention from his mates on the way up Greenhill road and looks to be in good spirits!

Kim Raeymaekers was spotted on the Torrens bike path sporting some tough as nuts socks.

It seems just holding the wheel of these superstars to get a photo is a task in itself. Adam Hunter from Canberra blasted through Adelaide earlier today.

Davin Harding made into Adelaide just before midnight for a pitstop in his hometown.

Further back in the field the show rolls on and sweet success has been found in the form of battery goodness for the crew that is the #indypacPCsurvey.

Everyone involved is truly ecstatic! What was to follow was a full review of the goodness that had been acquired. Kimba Roadhouse you better stock the freezers!

Yeah thats right : What a time to be alive, keep rocking the reviews #indypacPCsurvey!

For those down the back its looks like its been a moody day on the Nullarbor but it seems you may well be blessed with tail winds tomorrow! Keep charging crew!

Second placed lady, Jackie Bernardi made great use of park facilities today in Yacka few quick kip before getting back on the road. From insider info i've been told Jackie is feeling super strong and having a great time out there!

That's all we have time for tonight folks. This dot watcher is in need of a Sunday morning lie in tomorrow. See you tomorrow night.

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