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I'm just waiting for a mate - Day 11

In scenes reminiscent of this famous viral video. Crazed cycling fans all across the race route have been lurking on street corners 'just waiting for a mate'. Probably making Police officers curious as to what these lycra clad individuals are doing on random street corners at 1am.

Riders have had fans jumping out of bushes to greet them and Jackie even had a Kangaroo come out to greet her (sub optimal) Lucky Jackie is about the toughest person I know and will bounce back (pardon the pun) and go hunt down a top ten finish!

She's also got a wicked sense of humour and some awesome photoshopping skills for someone with 3600km in the legs!

Today international bicycle courier Kai Edel rolled through Melbourne town and got the royal treatment from the local courier fraternity. I dare say if you booked an urgent delivery it may well have taken a detour out to Yarra boulevard today before being dropped back downtown.

He hung around Federation square for a bit before heading for the Hills. And yes you read the billboard right, the man is on fire!

It seems like today was the day to get your bike attended to. It's amazing the abuse modern bikes can take. Most of these bikes will go the whole ride with the same drivetrain and apart from some brake pads and fresh rubber most will finish with little maintenance!

Kim Raeymaekers called into Good Cycles just 500m off the race route for a quick pit stop!

Meanwhile back in Adelaide Rhino and Eages were getting in a quick fix at Treadly bike shop. Lucky Rhyno was navigating out of Adelaide and they went up Greenhill road not Eagle on the Hill as Eages had requested.

I think the Melbourne cheer squad are looking forward see them roll through town, rock on Rhyno!

Further back in the field the bulk of riders are into the tourist hot spots of South Australia. Nik (The Scary J) has found delight in the gourmet culinary experiences the Clare Valley has to offer. Nick looks set to roll into adelaide tomorrow, most likely on the hunt for a Rhyno!

On a less light hearted note. Yesterday saw the retirement of the dynamic duo of Eoin and Ben, these guys were really starting to find their rhythm and had been riding on and off together the past week. In rather unfortunate circumstances Eoin was hit from behind by a car that had just over taken Ben. The news last night hit me like a tonne of bricks, I have been cycling with them on many occasions and find their enthusiasm infectious and it makes every ride an even better adventure. Eoin came out of it with a few broken ribs and a gash to the head. Considering, he's in good spirits and just trying not to laugh too much at Ben's terrible jokes.

This unfortunately brings to an end the great indy pac PC survey. The consensus to date seems to be Potato cakes west of Kimba are not worth eating or non existent. Western Australia you've been told!

If you're a Pt August Dot watcher it looks like there's an Indy pac party going on with no less than 6 riders laying up for the night.

Now get out there and support your favorite Dot, but just remebr some of them are in the zone and might not want much company or feel the need to talk. Except Rhyno of course :) Rhyno always has time for a chin wag ;)

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